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To support The Avuvi Project's  fundraising for the "Return to Benin" to bring back additional native puppies, please read about this at the bottom of our AFRICAN IMPORT page, then shop the Project's selections at Zazzle.

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Susan Patterson 

12110 SE 45th Road
Agency, Missouri 64401

contact us:
or *tel: 919-394-5317

- updated May 9, 2008 -

2008 Breeding Plans:   

Avuvi project breeding:  Avuvi Kuaobo + UKC Ch. Avuvi Afonhaan ("Honey")
UKC Ch. Calypso KissKiss BangBang x Calypso Holiday Hot Caramel
(this is a repeat of the NN litter - SO nice we're doing it twice!)


Am/Can Ch. Calypso Grand Fantasy, JC: Aug 25, 1992 - Nov 27, 2006  ("Tasha")

Reveille Calypso Trapper: July 26, 1991 - October 27, 2006   Half-african son of Avongara M'Bliki who reigned as Alpha Male at Calypso for all his 15+ years.  The Dude!

Our beloved "Tux": Dec.1,1993 - Jan. 25, 2006__Officially known as FCI, AM, BLR, CAN, FIN, GUA, GrC-GUA, LTV & RUS Ch. TERRARUST CALYPSO BLACK TIE, EuA-02

Calypso Bit O' Bronze
Dec. 22,1988 - January 14, 2006

"In keeping with the principles of good architectural design, body and head structure must take into account the specific properties that the animal uses in his work. These materials must be able to withstand the stresses implicit in the design."  [Dr. Alvin and Beverly Grossman , WINNING WITH PUREBRED DOGSDoral 1991]

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